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elnick crew

In May 2018, our journey began as we (Nick and Elenya) set out to explore Australia. Packed into our trusty Isuzu Dmax, affectionately named 'Maxy,' along with our Rooftop Tinnie and a 12ft Caravan, we hit the road with a modest $4K from our savings.


After traversing the Red Centre, a pit stop in Townsville, QLD for four months replenished our funds. Excitement filled the air in 2019 when we learned that our duo was expanding to a trio, with the news of Elenya's pregnancy. Undeterred by the imminent arrival, we continued our adventures, conquering the Old Tele Track and reaching the tip of Australia, even with Elenya at 30 weeks pregnant. Returning to Port Macquarie, we joyfully welcomed Lennox in September 2019.


We hit the road once more when Lennox was only a few months old. However, when Covid hit the World we returned to our home town of Port Macquarie. Whilst navigating through the challenges of Covid, we bought a house and welcomed our second son, Finley.

Driven by wanderlust, we set out again in January 2022, journeying along the Eastern Coast to Darwin in the NT with Maxi, the Tinny, and the van in tow.


March 2022 brought another delightful surprise – we were soon to be a family of five! Now, armed with three little adventurers, an Isuzu Truck named 'Suzie,' and a Vacationer Caravan, we're on a quest to create more cherished memories on the open road


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Age: 28

Profession: Builder/Youtuber

LOVES: Fishing, his tinnie, Camping & offgrid living

DISLIKES: Baked potatoes, screaming kids & the wind 

GOALS: catch a squid out of the tinnie, Western Australia and get better at spearfishing

Favourite Saying: '' that's a bite!''

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AKA: Big Mumma

Age: 27

Profession: Nurse/ Youtuber

LOVES: A cuppa, being outdoors, playing netball, movie nights and family 

DISLIKES: Marshmallows, cooking( but gives it a go)

GOALS: Swim with sharks, learn how to back the caravan, not to burn cookies

Favourite Saying: ''She'll be right''



AKA: Noo Noo

Age: 4

Profession: Youtuber 

LIKES: Playing pirates, playing in mud, trucks, Spiderman and cooking with mum

DISLIKES: The cold, mushrooms & sitting still for too long

Favourite Saying: ''Its a Biggen''



AKA: Min Mon
Age: 2
Profession: Youtuber
LIKE: Anything food, dinosaurs and animals
DISLIKES:  broccoli, being told what to do & staying clean
Favourite saying: '' No''
Min Mon 2
Ollie 1


AKA: Lou Lou
Age: 12 months
Profession: Youtuber 
LIKE: anything food!, loves to smile, watching his bro's play & Loves mum 
DISLIKES: chickpeas & being put down, & SLEEP 
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