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meet 'suzie'

This weapon of a truck is the newest addition to our family & we are stoked! Feel Free to check out the build series below & see exactly what we did to get her ready to TOUR AUSTRALIA & most importantly be able to take us on those less travelled dirt roads.


2023 Isuzu NPS 4x4 truck

Discover the pinnacle of off-road excellence with Suzie, the remarkable Isuzu NPS 4x4 AMT. Designed to effortlessly tackle even the most challenging terrains, Suzie redefines what's possible in a 4x4 light truck.

As Australia's first two-pedal 4x4 light truck, Susie brings a new level of convenience and ease to our adventures. The advanced Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology ensures seamless gear shifts, allowing us to navigate rough landscapes with precision and confidence. 

Built tough to endure the rigors of the road less travelled, Suzie boasts an impressive blend of power and capability. Whether we're venturing through rugged wilderness or navigating challenging backroads, the Isuzu NPS 4x4 AMT rises to the occasion. With ample room to accommodate our entire family, everyone travels in style, making those family road trips truly unforgettable. With her commanding road presence and elevated driving position, Suzie grants us a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Suie is not just a truck; she's a statement. A statement of power, resilience, and a determination to explore uncharted territories. With the Isuzu NPS 4x4 AMT at our command, we're not just driving a vehicle – we're embracing a lifestyle that thrives on excitement and challenges.

Check out our build series below.

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